Multivariate polynomials


Nemo allow the creation of sparse, distributed multivariate polynomials over any computable ring $R$. There are two different kinds of implementation: a generic one for the case where no specific implementation exists (provided by AbstractAlgebra.jl), and efficient implementations of polynomials over numerous specific rings, usually provided by C/C++ libraries.

The following table shows each of the polynomial types available in Nemo, the base ring $R$, and the Julia/Nemo types for that kind of polynomial (the type information is mainly of concern to developers).

Base ringLibraryElement typeParent type
Generic ring $R$AbstractAlgebra.jlGeneric.MPoly{T}Generic.MPolyRing{T}
$\mathbb{Z}/n\mathbb{Z}$ (small $n$)FlintzzModMPolyRingElemzzModMPolyRing
$\mathbb{Z}/p\mathbb{Z}$ (small prime $p$)FlintfpMPolyRingElemfpMPolyRing
$\mathbb{F}_{p^n}$ (small $p$)FlintfqPolyRepMPolyRingElemfqPolyRepMPolyRing

The string representation of the variables and the base ring $R$ of a generic polynomial is stored in its parent object.

All polynomial element types belong to the abstract type MPolyRingElem and all of the polynomial ring types belong to the abstract type MPolyRing. This enables one to write generic functions that can accept any Nemo multivariate polynomial type.

Polynomial functionality

All multivariate polynomial types in Nemo provide the multivariate polynomial functionality described by AbstractAlgebra:

Generic multivariate polynomials are also available.

We describe here only functions that are in addition to that guaranteed by AbstractAlgebra.jl, for specific coefficient rings.