Galois fields

Nemo allows the creation of Galois fields of the form $\mathbb{Z}/p\mathbb{Z}$ for a prime $p$. Note that these are not the same as finite fields of degree 1, as Conway polynomials are not used and no generator is given.

For convenience, the following constructors are provided.


For example, one can create the Galois field of characteristic $7$ as follows.

julia> R = GF(7)
Prime field of characteristic 7

Elements of the field are then created in the usual way.

julia> a = R(3)

Elements of Galois fields have type fpFieldElem when $p$ is given to the constructor as an Int or UInt, and of type FpFieldElem if $p$ is given as an ZZRingElem, and the type of the parent objects is fpField or FpField respectively.

The modulus $p$ of an element of a Galois field is stored in its parent object.

The fpFieldElem and FpFieldElem types belong to the abstract type FinFieldElem and the fpField and FpField parent object types belong to the abstract type FinField.

Galois field functionality

Galois fields in Nemo provide all the residue ring functionality of AbstractAlgebra.jl:

In addition, all the functionality for rings is available:

Below we describe the functionality that is provided in addition to these.

Basic manipulation


julia> F = GF(3)
Prime field of characteristic 3

julia> a = characteristic(F)

julia> b = order(F)