Nemo provides a unified interface to handle factorisations using the Fact objects. These can only be constructed using the factor function for the respective ring elements. This is best illustrated by an example.

julia> fac = factor(ZZ(-6000361807272228723606))
-1 * 2 * 229^3 * 43669^3 * 3

julia> unit(fac)

julia> -6000361807272228723606 == unit(fac) * prod([ p^e for (p, e) in fac])

julia> for (p, e) in fac; println("$p $e"); end
2 1
229 3
43669 3
3 1

julia> 229 in fac

julia> fac[229]

Basic functionality

Objects of type Fac are iterable, that is, if a is an object of type Fac, then for (p, e) in a will iterate through all pairs (p, e), where p is a factor and e the corresponding exponent.

in(a, b::Fac)

Test whether $a$ is a factor of $b$.

getindex(a::Fac, b) -> Int

If $b$ is a factor of $a$, the corresponding exponent is returned. Otherwise an error is thrown.

length(a::Fac) -> Int

Return the number of factors of $a$, not including the unit.